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About Bridle A bridle is a piece of equipment used in horse riding that goes on a horse's head. It's used to control the horse, typically consisting of various straps and buckles that fit around the horse's head and attach to the bit in its mouth. The reins, which the rider holds, are also attached to the bridle and are used to direct and communicate with the horse while riding. There are different types of bridles for various riding disciplines, such as English, Western, and others, each designed with specific features for different purposes.


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I recently purchased the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Detach-A-Neck Turnout Blanket for my horse, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The quality of this blanket is exceptional.

Alison Burgas

the detachable neck feature is incredibly convenient, allowing me to adjust the coverage based on the weather or my horse’s preferences. The blanket fits my horse perfectly.

Mark Adam

I’m thoroughly impressed with the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Premier Free Detach-A-Neck Turnout Blanket, and I highly recommend it to any horse owner looking for a high-quality and reliable turnout blanket for their equine companion.

Lio Hernandez

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